A market revolution created by Sony

Bringing to market products or services which are completely new (not variations or improvements of previous ones) is not a trivial proposition. Please read the attached article about what Sony did when they launched the Walkman. Preview the document Compare those activities with the ones that could be done today with the availability of the internet, and social media tools in particular. Try to come up with a list of pros and cons of utilizing social media tools for marketing new products or services.

Assignment Parameters below:
Make sure you enumerate the activities or actions that Sony tried.
Compare that list created above with how the social media tools of today could have contributed to it.
Enumerate a list and reasons of pros and cons of social media tools for today's businesses
Focus on quality not quantity (no more than 750 words). It can be either a traditional text composed from various paragraphs or a series of bullet points that cover all aspects of the assignment (make sure that it makes sense for the reader).

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It is often difficult to bring to the market new products that people have never heard of or thought. Nevertheless, there are always existing problems that require some solutions, but such solutions are never thought of because the services or products that could probably solve them are non-existent. One realizes this concept after the reading the story of Sony Walkman. As Shenhar and Dvir (2007) put it in their article “Reinventing Project Management”, the Sony Walkman was an entirely new experience born out of frustration.
From the Sony Walkman’s story, it can be seen that developing new products and releasing them into the market does not necessarily require prior knowledge about how such a product could be sold. Rather, the idea is to identify an existing problem and see how one can use innovation to develop a product or service that meets the existing needs or solve that specific problem....

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