Write a 1500-2000 word research-oriented paper, along with outline that analyzes a problem within an organization and contains a needs assessment along with possible solutions to either mitigate or overcome the problem. This must be done by utilizing the concepts covered in the course. Focusing on environmental factors such as technological trends, globalization, labor trends, economic trends, and organizational complexity and how they relate to training, development, and efficiency are areas that the paper will address. The final product must include a section summarizing the details of the needs assessment. It must also explain in detail how the plan will create a learning environment, transfer knowledge, and monitor the plan's successful implementation and outcomes. A maximum amount of directly quoted material in the paper is limited to 15%.
A minimum of seven (7) academic resources to support the work is required. Use of APA format is mandatory.
It must include a title page, the body of the work, and a reference page.

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The long-term organizational success of every organization be it for profit business or non-profit to a large extent depends on ongoing employee training and development. According to Weinberger (1998), organizations that have high employee turnover rates coupled with short training periods before newly recruited employees start working are particularly vulnerable to employee training and development-relates issues such as poor customer service. Rowden & Conine (2005) assert that it is important for organizations to invest in their people through employee training and development because it eventually helps them to improve employee satisfaction and customer service. Poor customer service is estimated to cost companies billions of dollars in losses annually, but many organizations still do not invest adequate resources in employee training and development (Rowden & Conine, 2005).
Notable industries with a poor record of customer service include airlines, fast food and telecommunications, and according to Davenport (2006) a majority of the companies that tend to have poor customer service reputation are those that have large employee populations interacting with consumers on a day to day basis. Additionally, newly hired frontline employees in such companies normally undergo short training periods which increases the likelihood on employees giving wrong or incomplete information to customers (Rowden & Conine, 2005). The company that I will be using in this employee training and development research paper is CarMax, Inc....

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