Provide information about the topics and contents that should be included in an article and a proposal.
In a 50,000 individuals’ population where the ratio of gender is equal and there are 3 different occupational groups; it is desired to investigate the expenditures’ difference according to gender, occupations by taking random sample. In both cases try to determine the sample size using G*Power.

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A research proposal and a research article are two types of papers that are closely related and yet different in terms of approach and structure. A research proposal is a preliminary paper where the researcher(s) propose or suggest what they will later report on after the study. In short, a research proposal is a pitch to convince the study funders, facilitators and other stakeholders on what the researcher will study and seek approval and resources such as research funding and facilities. It outlines issues such as the scope of work, research hypotheses, justifications, methodology, costs, and expected deliverables.
On the other hand, a research article is a finished product after a proposal has been accepted by the relevant stakeholders, and the research study has been performed. It contains the research findings, analyses, discussions and the conclusions made.
In terms of structure topics and content, the two pieces of writing differ slightly as described below:
Proposal Topics and Content.
While there are slight variations depending on the subject, contexts, and scope, the following outline describes the typical topics and content...

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