Modeling Linear Functions
Wholesale E-Commerce

The table below shows the E-Commerce Sales estimates in millions of dollars of Merchant Wholesalers. The data is based on the Annual Wholesale trade survey from 1998 – 2014.
Time          Types of Business
Year          Apparel, Piece Goods & Notions (Sales in millions of dollars Paper and Paper Products (Sales in millions of dollars)
1998          7,648      2,861
1999         10,629    3,622
2000         13,534      4,501
2001         16,789      5,455
2002          19,788    6,938
2003          24,274    9,582
2004          26,989    11,818
2005          32,516    13,861
2006          31512      16,348
2007          31,626    17,321
2008          31,491    18,148
2009          29,457    18,212
2010          33,973    19,941
2011          35,243      20,835
2012          36,810      23,468
2013          39,584      24,811
2014          40,020      26,437
(Data Source: U.S. Census Bureau)
4. Graph the equations that model the data for each e-commerce business (graph the models on the same coordinate axis). Analyze the graphs by comparing their slopes and y-intercept. Which business is growing at a faster rate? Explain.
5. If the trend in sales is consistent, predict the sales of the two merchant wholesalers in 2020. Do you think this value is accurate? What factors can contribute to this accuracy or inaccuracy? Explain.
6. You are planning to go into the Wholesale E-commerce business. Which of the two business would you choose? Why?

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