Assignment 1 : About Social Responsibility & Purpose of a Business

Before attempting this assignment please make sure you have carefully read the following two articles included in the Readings section of this module. One is from Milton Friedman, Nobel Prize in economic sciences in 1976, and the other one is from John Mackey, co-founder and chief executive officer of Whole Foods Market, Inc.
Once read please answer the following questions:

According to Milton Friedman, what is the responsibility of corporate executives?
Beyond making a profit, what ethical responsibilities does Friedman say businesses have to society in general?
Does Friedman’s emphasis on maximizing corporate profits mean that he is not concerned with the welfare of society?
Why does Friedman believe a corporate executive should be socially responsible as an individual but not in his or her corporate role?
What is the difference between a shareholder and a stakeholder?
Who are the stakeholders in John Mackey’s conception of the corporation? What ethical duties does the corporation owe to each stakeholder?
What motives (besides money) does Mackey argue are important in understanding human nature? How might these motives be relevant in running a business?
Are Mackey’s views on the social responsibility of business inconsistent with maximizing profits? Why?
Corporations have provided billions of dollars in aid to victims of Hurricane Katrina, the South Pacific tsunami and AIDS in Africa. In some cases, these contributions have been more effective than government aid. Would Friedman and Mackey support these types of donations?
It is not a matter of delivering a long document but a well thought and explained document. In any case, and in order to be able to cover all aspects of it, you will need no less than 1,000 words. Graphics, references or images should be added at the back and referenced in the text although they will not count for the minimum of 1,000 words.

Assignment 2 : CEO's Paid with Stock

Please reflect and think if you are in favor or against having CEO’s paid with stock rather than a prefixed decided amount. Write 250 words explaining whether you’re in favor or against and please include the pros and cons of each option.
Word Limit : 250 words

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Assignment 1
About Social Responsibility and the Purpose of a Business
According to Friedman, corporate executives’ have direct responsibility to their employers, which is primarily to conduct business in accordance with the desires of the owners. Specifically, this responsibility is all about making as much money as possible while also conforming to the basic rules of the society as dictated by the law and the ethical customs therein (Friedman, 1970).
Beyond maximizing profits, Friedman states that businesses have the responsibility to create employment in order to reduce poverty, elimination of discrimination, preserving the environment, and supporting education and health in the community (Friedman, 1970).
Friedman’s emphasis on maximization of profits by corporates should not be taken as to mean that he is not concerned with the welfare of the society. In fact, Friedman believes in the good of the society. Rather, in the argument, Friedman criticizes the way corporates use corporate social responsibility (CSR) as a method of increasing profits while

Assignment 2
CEOs Paid with Stock
In my opinion, paying CEOs with stock rather than deciding a salary is the best method of payment that corporations should take as it has some advantages over the latter. Specifically, the idea is to increase the performance of the...

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