(memo/discussion): Assess the interests and institutions with the privacy online issue? You can use the 2x2 matrix of harms and benefits if useful   
What would you recommend for any proposed non-market action to address the issues around privacy online?
Theory is from the third chapter assigned and includes generic non-market strategy to include Representation, Majority Building, Information Provision

Generally, you want to increase benefits of non-market action and decrease costs of action for your side. Alternatively, decrease benefits of non-market action for opposite side to make it less likely the other side will take action.
Resources to employ: Coalitions, Non-Market Assets, Supply (Rent) Chain

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With respect to Facebook, especially its People You May Know algorithm, which is responsible for recommending friends to an account owner (Hill, November), applying all three generic non-market strategies of representation, majority building, and information provision may be appropriate for the company to take more seriously its responsibilities over legally and ethically handling private information....
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