Al-Haddad & Kotnour (2015) describes the change models of Kotter and Lewin. In an essay, compare and contrast these change models or any other early research that focuses on individual behaviors and resistance to change.

1. Explain each step of the change model.
2. Compare and contrast each model of change.
3. Explain the impact of each model on implementing change and resistance to change.

Your essay should be three pages in length, not including the title page or reference page. You must accompany all referenced, paraphrased, and quoted material and sources used with in-text citations in the proper APA format.

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The Change Models

The modern market, through globalization and advanced technology, has created an environment where the organization faces uncertainty. The way of functioning of the contemporary market implies the creation of the era of hyper changes, characterized by rapid, sudden and unpredictable changes. It also requires the organization to be dynamic and ready for frequent discontinuities, so that it can adequately respond to the challenges of the turbulent environment. Any avoidance, ignoring or fearful of change leads the organization to the risk of losing its position in the market and falling out of competition with its competitors. Therefore, using appropriate change models developed by Lewin and Kotter for the process of change in the organization and achieving competitiveness is very important and may impact the organization's success.

Lewin’s Change Model
The Lewin’s change model refers to planned changes in the organization where the change initiators can choose a set of strategies for realizing the planned...
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