Profile of Current Market Practice
Assessment of Market Pathologies
• Forces of Change (Change Drivers)
• Leaders and Reformers
• Future Market Possibilities
Future Developments and Expectations
• Assumptions, Assertions and Scenarios
The report should be delivered as a 6.5 page document consisting of a 1.5 page executive summary and a 5 page annotated bibliography (one page per section).

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Sharing economy can be seen from the lifestyle of nomads where humans begin to wander as nomads moving from place to place, hunting their prey and gathering food as they go. For this purpose carrying as little as we could was facilitating and forcing humans to share whatever they had. this was mainly because morning too many things was not helpful in the lifestyle of nomads. Hence   they had a pure form of sharing economy with no intermediaries, no laws and no money and everything was shared between peers. Over 10000 years ago this Nomad life was stopped when we stop the moving with the herds of animals and took ownership of land and various assets. However, with the use of Technology the sharing of resources and goods and services has   grown again as we know that we have plenty of underutilized and unused resources, time and capacities. Accelerated by the technology, different types of Sharing of resources have cropped up and have become successful in the Sharing economy with more and more companies joining in.
Principles of sharing economy
The effective principles of sharing economy lies in the factors such as trust, access over ownership, no value being wasted, transparency and openness.Transparency is the main currency of the sharing economy where the supplier must be able to trust that customers to pay a for their services and Consumers must be able to trust the suppliers for the delivery of efficient services. Similarly consumers are no longer needed to limit themselves to owning of goods and services but they can gain access through renting. Sharing of resources relates to no value being wasted as the resources which are underutilized or utilize you through sharing to the maximum potential. Sharing of information and openness is enabling users to do in access to the resources which are not possible without Technology.
Drivers of sharing economy:
The drivers of the sharing economy for discussed to be the Rapid population growth where there is needs to look for alternative ways to meet the unlimited demands of the consumers...

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