Re-Framing in the Netflix Original Series: House of Cards

Look at the narrative events and describe them from different perspectives. For example, how did certain characters view the situation and what did it mean to them? What would a neutral (“objective”) observer have seen and heard? What perspective did you have – in other words, how did it affect you? Reflect on these observations to discover the personal meaning that the material had for you.

The Concept of Power in Understanding Organizational Behavior in House of Cards

Discuss how the organizational concept of power relates to key examples, events, or characters. In other words, you must re-frame the plot/action/behavior of individuals in the context of the course material.

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For the exercise in “re-framing,” the first and last scene of Episode One of House of Cards is salient to an organizational reading. The episode begins and ends with a canine hit-and-run. First, we can look at the scene from the perspective of the show’s main character. Francis Underwood is the U.S. House Majority Whip in Congress. From his point of view, "He keeps things moving.” How Francis perceives his congressional role, however, depends on perspective. When Francis exits his apartment at night to investigate a dog hit by a car, we learn that it is his neighbor’s dog and Francis realizes the dog is suffering and decides the dog will not survive. Steve, a United States Secret Service Agent, is on the scene....

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