Company has to be based on you major Accounting (finance)
• Develop a list of 15 target companies to which you would like to apply in the future
• For each company list 3 interesting facts about the company form the website or social media.
• If the company has any positions currently listed on Handshake, list out these positions
• For each company write one question that you would ask a recruiter at a career fair. This question must be based on company research (not generic question like “describe your company culture” or what do you like about working at this company?”)

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A. Interesting facts about each company

1. Walmart
a) Walmart provide interesting tips and ideas for customers regarding different recipes and different trends in the market
b) It is possible to track where the items and goods are in a delivery. It is very important for a customer to when they will be receiving the goods.
c) Walmart has game called Price check live which is very popular with customers where customers have the opportunity to price changes through the game.

2. Apple
a) Apple is providing gift cards up to $200 on different products for customers, which may attract more customers to products.
b) They are marketing Apple TV in a larger scale where they are moving from the focus of only the device to other services.
c) It is very interesting to know about how they market new Apple air pods Pro

3. General Motors
a) Shows how they are managing their sustainability to the world. This is very essential and they clearly show that in their website.
b) General Motors provides essential information for its investors regarding their investment decisions and returns on their investments and its latest changes
They have 55% of women...

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