The purpose of this assignment is to research the technology solution category that you identified PROJECT PART 1 (PROPOSAL) of the project. Avoid giving a detailed explanation of any specific vendors/products that you will be considering. You will do this in PROJECT PART 3 of the project.
• This paper is NOT about the organization you have selected for your project. You should not be mentioning your organization in this paper.
• The paper should be seven to nine pages (not including cover page, table of contents, bibliography and appendices), double spaced, using Times New Roman font, 12-point, using 1 inch margins, and headings for the paper format requirements.
• The paper must use at least five authoritative sources.
The Research Paper should consist of the following.
1. Cover page
2. Table of contents
3. Introduction
1. Half to one page
2. Explain the purpose of this paper.
3. Provide an overview of the contents of the paper; for example, identify sections.
4. Technology Solution Category Research
a. Four to six pages
b. NOTE: Here, you will perform in-depth research of the technical solution category that you identified in PROJECT PART 1 (PROPOSAL).
c. Explain what this technology is for. What is its business purpose?
d. Describe technical details. How does the technology work? What are the key components?
e. Explain how this technology enables business innovation.
f. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an important issue for organizations. CSR could be demonstrated internally (e.g., work environment/conditions) or externally (e.g., service to community). What can the organization do to demonstrate CSR with the implementation of this technology?
2. Key vendors/market players
3. Advantages
a. Half to one page
b. Identify the advantages of this technical solution category.
4. Disadvantages
a. Half to one page
b. Identify the disadvantages of this technical solution category.
5. Summary
a. Half to one page
b. Summarize key points
6. Bibliography
7. Appendices (optional)

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1. Introduction
This research paper is prepared the purpose of implementing an ERP system to an organization. Because ERP systems can be identified as an essential feature for an organization with compared to the conventional accounting systems. Because an ERP system integrates all the functions of an organization in to the system and because of that, companies are able to manage all of their operations using the ERP. (Muscatello, Small & Chen, 2003) Furthermore, now they do not have several software programs to manage their functions of the business. Therefore, this research paper is identifying the ways in which an ERP system can be implemented in an organization.
This research paper consists of several sections regarding implementing the system. In the first part, technology in the ERP system is discussed identifying its business purpose for an organization. Afterwards, main technological components required for this is identified. Thirdly, the discussion is about the how technology enables business solutions, then how the organization can depict corporate social responsibility through this is identified.
Afterwards the discussion is about the key vendors required for this project. Therefore, the main vendors who are providing ERP systems are analyzed. In addition, it is essential to know the advantages and disadvantages of the new project. Therefore, the advantages and disadvantages of the ERP system is discussed in detail.
2. Technology Solution Category Research
2.1 Technology and its Business Purpose
ERP system can be identified as a solution towards the conventional accounting systems that were being used in the companies.
ERP systems can be identified as a system or a technology that has integrated several functional modules in to it. This does not solely focus on the financing or the accounting section of an organization, but this focuses...

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