Read Chapter 15 Case: Social Media and Ashton Kutcher
Then write a report and answer the following questions:
1.What is open source software, and can a business use it for a social networking platform?
2.Create a plan for how a start-up company could take advantage of Web 3.0, and generate ideas for the next website?
3.Evaluate the challenges facing social networking websites, and identify ways companies can prepare to face these issues.

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1. What is open source software, and can a business use it for a social networking platform
Open source can be identified as a growing concept in the world. This can be identified as a software including source code which allows the users to users to use it, modify and develop it further. Unlike the closed software, this allows the users to use it and to share it to anyone, because the closed software does not allow the users to do any changes to the software. (Baltzan, n.d.)
Some of the examples of open sources are; Apache HTTP server, internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox and the chromium can be identified as the main open source platforms. (Pickett, 2019)
Nowadays businesses also can use social networking platforms for their business operations and marketing...
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