An organization, research its operations and compliance profile, and develop recommendations for the organization’s compliance program.

Risk: Cyber & IT Security at Carlsberg

-Compare security systems between countries where Carlsberg operates in.
-Compliance to laws & regulations & company regarding cyber & IT security.
-Working remotely due to pandemic risks include hacking, trade secrets, BYOD (bring your own device), etc.,
-Make recommendations to improve its cyber & IT security program to include one or a few of the 7 pillars listed below:
    Processes & procedures
    High-level oversight
    Ongoing audit & monitoring
    Corrective action

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To: Cees ‘t Hart, President and CEO
Carlsberg Breweries A/S
Re: Cyber & IT Security at Carlsberg

Executive Summary
Carlsberg is a multinational company with branches and business partners worldwide. The company's communication network covers over 150 nations hence the need for a stable and cyber-crime free network. Carlsberg has streamlined its network system to allow virtual meetings and conferences without interference from a third party. The company prioritized the use of the company domain to transfer information to the public and other business partners. The security team at Carlsberg headquarters are continuously updating their network system since the rate of cyber-attack is on the rise in the majority of company web gateways.

Background Information
Carlsberg A/S is a brewing company located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand beer name is Carlsberg, which is sold in four regions, which are North America, Asia, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe. These regions constitute over 150 countries. The company has other beers, which have a different name depending on the area of sale. The company has built a strong market through a partnership with other retail businesses in different nations. For instance, Carlsberg has partnered with airlines, travel tours, and ferry companies, among other beer companies. Carlsberg has established a market base in some urban areas which could be...

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