Fintech – moving into the cloud
In this second part of a Collaboration, you will apply your knowledge of how technologies move across the Gartner Hype Cycle to further examine the adoption of new technologies in a specific case scenario.

The CIO of Fintech, Inc. – a billing-and-payment processing service for the alcoholic beverages industry – must choose a cloud services provider for a new application for Fintech's clients. The CIO sees this initiative as a useful first step to take before moving other resources and services into the cloud. His staff briefs him on three providers: Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Each provider offers services which fit Fintech's requirements, yet with important differences. The Fintech case addresses the perspective of a company purchasing cloud computing services, as opposed to a vendor selling cloud computing service. The case explores technical, economic, operational and strategic factors that affect IT decisions involving emerging technologies or applications.

To complete this Collaboration:
Participate in the Collaboration Forum by engaging in a discussion with your colleagues, posting and replying to each other’s posts. Offer support and evidence based upon literature and/or your prior experience, extend the discussion into new but relevant areas, raise insightful questions and model critical reflection. In doing so:

How would a move to the cloud make it easier and/or more profitable for Fintech to provide large volumes of selected data to its clients?
What technical challenges do Fintech face in offering the new service?
What business challenges do Fintech face in offering the new service?
Identify the risks for each provider (Amazon, Google, Microsoft).
Based on the risks identified by your colleagues, identify which provider poses the least risk for Fintech.

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Fintech – moving into the cloud
A Move to the Cloud and Profitability
A move to the cloud would not only make it easy but also more profitable for Fintech to provide large volumes of selected data to its customers. According to Carr (2018), a move to cloud services makes the organisational resources truly strategic. As a result, the company will necessarily gain an edge over its competitors since it will have a new capacity to perform what the rival firms cannot achieve. A competitive edge and...

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