A manager's decision-making ability will determine the effectiveness of their leadership. In your experience, what are some of the factors that influence a leader's decision-making process?

In the video "Making Room for Micro-entrepreneurs in the Sharing Economy," we learn about the growing American "share economy" and how it makes use of people's preexisting and underutilized assets and time. It also gives an example of the hospitality website Airbnb (Entrepreneurship) which helps turn empty guest rooms into makeshift hotel rooms.

After watching the video, answer the following case questions:

1. In your opinion, does Airbnb fit into a free enterprise economy? Why or why not?

2. Using the Airbnb example, discuss some economic benefits and costs of entrepreneurship.

3. Should government interfere or place some regulations on entrepreneurs such as Airbnb?

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Factors Influencing Leaders’ Decision Making

Decision-making is the actual process through which an individual or a group of individuals make choices by gathering information, identifying a decision and assessing alternative resolutions. In a problem-solving process within an organization, effective decision making enables leaders to choose the most satisfying alternatives thus arriving into the best solutions (Dietrich, 2010). Some...

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