Collaboration: Emerging technologies in your industry

In this Collaboration, you will evaluate the risk posed by an emerging technology to an industry.

At the beginning of our exploration through contemporary trends, we reflected upon how the latest technologies impact our own jobs and work both now and in the future. This week, we broaden the discussion to consider the impact on industry. Every aspect of an organisation and its industry is increasingly being disrupted by technology, which is becoming more complex. This rapid pace of change can represent a threat to any organisation. Many organisations are reluctant to adopt emerging technologies because of the risk involved.

To prepare for this Collaboration:

Take a moment to look at some of the latest emergences of technology in your industry.
Select one technology that has the potential to significantly change the nature of work in your industry.

How do you see this technology impacting jobs or the nature of work or employment in the industry, and more specifically your organisation? You should consider both the loss of existing jobs or skills, and new jobs or skills which may be needed.

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Collaboration: Emerging technologies in your industry

Zain Saudi Arabia operates in the Saudi Arabian telecommunication industry. While there is a host of new technologies in the industry, the one that I forecast as having the most potential for imposing substantial changes in the telecommunications industry is AI, which abbreviates Artificial Intelligence. Pistrui (2018) supposes that the integration of the AI in the various industries will necessarily mean that workers will lose some of...

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