You may recall the criminal trial of O. J. Simpson. Opinion regarding his guilt or innocence is sharply divided around the world.

1. Is this an ultimate example of effective persuasion skills by the attorneys? Why or why not?

2. How much of the trial attorney\'s efforts was negotiations?

3. What public relations efforts were undertaken? To what effect?

4. Give me your opinion on whether he is guilty or innocent and why?

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Criminal trial of O. J. Simpson
The criminal trial of O.J. Simpson is perhaps the most divisive in the U.S. Different commentators have asked distinct questions regarding Simpson’s guilt or innocence. In June 1994, Simpson’s ex-wife, along with her friend, was murdered. The police targeted Simpson as the prime suspect and was formally arraigned in court in July 1994, where he pleaded not guilty. His trial began in January 1995 and ended in October the same year with the court finding Simpson not guilty of the two counts of murder charged. This paper will analyze the circumstances of Simpson’s case, hence address four primary objectives. The first is to determine whether Simpson’s trial manifests practical persuasion skills by the attorneys. The second objective is to establish how much of the attorney’s efforts was negotiation. Third, the paper will establish the public relations efforts undertaken during the...
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