You are a Business Entrepreneur and you are hired by a team of foreign investors who wish to launch a new Business in your hometown. As an entrepreneur you are assigned to make a market research and examine the customers' demands.

Your goal is to convince them proceed to the creation of the new Business in your town.


1) Decide what kind of Business can be launched in your hometown and provide a short description. When it comes to starting a business, there are a lot of factors that are expected to take into consideration before going ahead to invest in any business. Among the factors that need to be considered is the size / population of the city town you intend to launch the business, the target market, the level of competition you are going to face and the availability of the market demand for your services or product.

2) Visit the marketplace of your town and conduct a short research gathering data from 5-10 customers randomly (pilot Research). Prepare a questionnaire of 8-10 close-ended questions. The research will help you decide what kind of business you are going to propose to the investors.

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Safe Driver Investment Proposal

Safe Driver (Self Driver)
Reliable driving service that drives you and your vehicle safely where you want to go, for everyone who values their time, money and life.

Business Overview
The “Safe driver” is a service business that caters to your needs, whether you partied too hard, had one drink too many, are too tired or don’t feel that you are safe to drive, our reliable services are there to take you where you need to go, together with your vehicle or with ours, our driver will take you safely where you need to go. Our driver services are aimed at any individual who wishes to be transported from one to another location within the city of Vienna. Safe driver services are primarily targeting the population aged between 18-30 who are students or young professionals and usually consume alcohol, who want to have a safe ride to their destination pre, during or after consumption. Safe driver cost structure would be determined as a membership fee, where the members can pay for 5, 10, 15 or 20 rides, with the cost of $50, $80, $100 and $120 respectively. Safe drivers aim at offering the clients a safe and convenient affordable transportation for people who are drinking and prefer not to drive when in such state.

Safe driver ultimately strives to replace drinking and driving, which would contribute to avoiding and reducing accidents, arrests and fatalities which are resulting from the drinking and driving practice.

The population of Dallas, Texas is 1.34 million, with an annual growth rate of 1.4%, the city is one of the fastest growing United States cities. With the populated area of 880km2 and 1.5 thousand people per km2 (World Population, 2018), Dallas is a city with high traffic and therefore high potential as a market.

According to the studies conducted in the past years, the LSU Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine study showed that in a raking of alcohol-related traffic fatalities, Dallas was at the top of the list which had over 10 deaths per 100 thousand residents, in a year (Cohen, Mason & Scribner, 2002). Dallas city infrastructure is built in a way that people need to drive through the city, the bars and pubs have mandated minimum number of parking spaces and there is a number of city areas where people can drink, party and go out which is best reachable with a vehicle.

Furthermore, the statistics of drinking and driving accidents indicate that in 2016 there were 987 deaths caused by the drinking and driving incidents, out of which the majority of people by age fall under 18-49 age groups, and the highest number of deaths occured in the 19-30 age group. Dallas as well ranks high...

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