Ventura Capital is a financier who specializes in capitalizing start-up companies. Andy Preneur is a would-be entrepreneur. He needs capital to start his new business. Andy and Ventura have been negotiating a potential agreement over the last few months. It seems there is only one item unresolved. Ventura wants her investment to remain in the company and earn a preferred dividend of 5%, even if Andy no longer needs the money. Andy wants the right to buy out Ventura’s interest at any time as long as the 5% return is paid. Role play this case with another person. Please address the questions below.

Case Discussion Questions:

1. Which of the four key temperaments was most clearly displayed by the other person? Identify specific comments and behaviors to support your assessment.

2. Which of the four key temperaments do you think your comments and behaviors most clearly displayed?

3. Do you agree with each other’s self and other assessments? If not, why do you think you see the behaviors differently?

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Answer 1:

In this case, the role of Andy was played by the other person. Andy can be characterized to possess the temperament of the ‘pragmatist’. This is because Andy has been focusing on details and is oriented for the attainment of the bottom line. He needs funds and is ready to pay 5% indefinitely so that he can start. But at the same time, he...
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