New Business Relationship Scenario

One party’s work organization, based in Washington, D.C., has recently begun a project in Wichita, Kansas. The project will require 15 to 20 employees to travel to Kansas and spend, on average, three weeks in residence there.

It is expected that the project will span a period of nine months to completion. This first party has located an apartment complex nearby the location where the project work will be done. The apartment complex has traditionally required minimum lease terms of one year, but does have a few vacancies.

The organization desires to have its people in this apartment complex rather than in hotels.

Case Discussion Questions:

1. How would you identify and rank the interests and goals of each party?

2. What common ground can you find between the parties?

3. What strategy would you use as the organization’s representative? What strategy would you use as the apartment complex representative?

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Answer 1:

The organization is guided by the objective of optimally utilizing the human resources and minimizing the cost and time associated with longer travel times and stay at hotels. Their first objective is to save costs and accommodating employees in a nearby complex would save the costs of hotel and travel. On the other hand, the complex’s owner would prefer to maximize the revenues...
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