1. In your own words, define and describe what is negotiation.

2. Describe how a negotiation session might go between two individuals, one having a Type-A personality, the other being a Type-B.

3. Explain what is "systems theory" and "a systems approach" with respect to conflict diagnosis.

4. Describe a scenario in which an avoidance style would actually yield results.

5. Write what is your main negotiating temperament and explain why it is you tend to use that temperament the most.

6. Do you feel you communicate better in person or via writing (e-mail, forum posts, etc.)? Please explain why.

7. How would you handle a negotiation with a person from a different culture, who therefore uses body language differently.

8. Explain why the acronym GRIP includes "ego issues".

9. Describe what is general attribution theory.

10. Describe the effects of power in negotiation.

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1. Negotiation can be defined as the process through which humans interact in order to reach at a decision which is mutually accepted by both the parties. Talking that occurs between people to strike a deal can be described as negotiation. Negotiation constitutes an important part of an individual’s daily communications. It occurs because there is a limit to the maximum amount an individual can give or take. It forms part of the corporate as well as personal activities. For example, in case of a merger, the acquiring company tries to get maximum value from the deal by paying the lowest possible price for the company being acquired. Similarly, the target company also seeks to maximize its own interests and is keen on getting the maximum price it can. These set the upper and lower limits for the process of negotiation. Depending on the strength and the capabilities of the parties, a final price is arrived...

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