Clint is Marilyn’s supervisor. Marilyn is a dedicated part-time employee who is known for taking on responsibility. Clint joked with his colleague that he could trick Marilyn into completing a project for him so that he could take a long weekend.

Clint told Marilyn that only she had the skills and conscientiousness to complete the project properly and on target and, further, that it would be a big favor to him if she would accept the challenge. Marilyn agreed to do the project; however, when she could not reach Clint over the weekend to obtain additional explanation that was critical to completing the project, she left it incomplete.

Clint placed full responsibility for the failure squarely on Marilyn, who now feels that her stellar record has a big blemish. Marilyn is lamenting all this after giving up her entire weekend, with no extra pay, to boot.

Case Discussion Questions:

1. Which Rules of Negotiation did Clint break?

2. Which Rules of Negotiation did Marilyn break?

3. Can Marilyn still recover from her mistakes here? How?

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Answer 1:

In this case, Clint broke the rules since there was the intention of deceit and this is not consistent with the definition of negotiation. He was trying to use his authoritative position to influence Marilyn and did not make a fair representation of the facts. Moreover, he did not provide complete...

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