Reviewing some international incidents will help you to identify many negotiation tactics. There are many scenarios to use for such a case study. First, try to recall the events surrounding the Cuban missile crises. For round two try to recall the sequence of events transpiring just before Dessert Storm. For round three try to recall the sequence of events that transpired just before the United State began the Golf War in Iraq. For each case, address the questions below.

Case Discussion Questions:

1. How many of the following can you identify: threats, ultimatums, bullying, blocking? What other tactics can you identify?

2. Did any party use bullying? Did any party give in or make inappropriate concessions?

3. Can you describe the strategy used by any of the parties in any of the conflicts?

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Answer 1:

In the case of Cuban missile crisis, the strategies of threats and bullying were evident as the Soviet Union had partnered with Cuba to stand against USA. It was a confrontation in which the Soviet Union was trying to prevent any invasion attempt on Cuba by the US. In case of the Gulf War and Dessert Storm, the same strategies were seen since a group of 34 nations led by the US were...

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