1. What are the four policy issues in the pay model? What purposes do the objectives in the pay model serve?
3. f you were managing employee compensation, how would you recommend that your company evaluate the usefulness of its job evaluation or person-based plans?
5. Contrast pay ranges and grades with bands. Why would you use either? Does their use assist or hinder the achievement of internal alignment? External competitiveness?

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1. The four policy issues in the pay model are internal alignment, external competitiveness, employee contribution as well as management of the pay system. The pay model seeks to achieve the objectives of efficiency, fairness, compliance and ethics. This means that the model tries to ensure that every employee is paid on the basis of efforts invested in the growth of the organization and there are no forms of discrimination amongst employees. The compensation system adheres to the applicable rules and regulations and the employees are encouraged to take ethical methods to perform their activities. It seeks to establish...

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