Juan Braun works for an international accounting firm. He is a gentle soul. In fact, in one of the reviews that followed an auditing engagement he was told that he is simply too shy and sensitive to succeed in public accounting. His technical reviews are outstanding. His clients praise him for his persistence, patience, and understanding. They also comment on his knowledge and intelligence. Juan has been accepted into law school. A colleague told him that the firm encourages only tax division employees to attend law school. Juan intends to remain in the audit division. Juan plans to go to the partner in charge of the office and demand a revised schedule that will facilitate his attending and completing law school.

Case Discussion Questions:

1. Critically evaluate Juan’s strategy. Will it be effective? Why or why not?

2. What makes Juan most vulnerable in this case?

3. Design a new, more effective strategy for Juan.

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Answer 1:

Juan’s strategy does not seem appropriate in this situation. He would be requesting for schedule revision directly knowing the fact that the organization prefers tax division employees to go for law school. The partners have been maintaining an inclination towards tax employees and Juan needs to tactfully handle the situation so that he can stay in audit division and pursue his law school. He needs...

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