Adel works for a major airplane manufacturer in the Midwest. He must travel to Washington, D.C. to negotiate revisions to a contract with the United States Military. The key issues presented are cost overruns due to complex engineering changes. He has two weeks to prepare for the meetings that will run over a period of three days. His department is currently spread thin working on several projects simultaneously. Adel’s staff is a fairly homogeneous group, most with engineering backgrounds. His two senior people typically disagree on everything.

Case Discussion Questions:

1. What factors should Adel consider in deciding whether or not to use a team for the negotiation?

2. What additional information would you desire before making your final decision on whether to take a team to Washington?

3. How should Adel decide who to take to the negotiation?

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Answer 1:

Adel should consider the complexity of the task being negotiated along with the varying levels of expertise which would be needed to effectively negotiate the deal. If the task does not require skills and expertise which are not possessed by Adel, he should not consider using a team for negotiation. Teams add to the complexity of the process and there are high chances of conflicts...

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