In this chapter we learn of the court system in the United States.

One case that is discussed in our text is Marbury v. Madison. Another is Bush v. Gore. One aspect of the facts in both cases is that they are politically based. At present some state courts have struck down President Obama's Healthcare Reform Law. The Republican candidate for president has stated that if elected, he will work to overturn the Healthcare Reform Law.

You may have to do a little research to learn what the Healthcare Reform Law proposes, but it not necessary to understand it to be able to respond to the three questions below. Please be sure to cite any source you use - remember, Wikipedia is NOT a valid source.

1. What are the ethical issues that surround the Healthcare Reform Law?

2. Why is it that state courts can strike down the Federal Law (you will have to do some research for the answer).

3. Do you agree that state courts should be able to overturn a federal law? What effect does that have for state power?

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1. The Healthcare Reform law seeks to provide affordable and accessible healthcare to millions of Americans. As there has been an increase in the number of uninsured people, this reform seeks to make healthcare accessible for them. However, there are several ethical issues over this related to cost containment, financing, allocation of the care, quality of the service provided to the patients and taking decisions. The US is the only developed country that does not provide universal access to health care and the per capita healthcare costs are highest than other developed...

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