Please write an executive memo (analytical summary) about 600 words double spaced based on the following two articles relating to the theme: Understanding China. Short report format with headings.

It is important to recognize that summary or synopsis is insufficient. What you have to do is to analyze the text that I select.You may establish an analytical framework which ties back to the course content. You may wish to draw on the other articles or research that will help you compare and contrast with the article under consideration.

Include analysis and synthesis. At this point you need to be asking “so what”, that is to say what are the broader implications of your analysis. How do they apply, where do they apply? When do they apply, when do they not apply? Do the China examples you’ve identified apply elsewhere?

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The history of China is an example of the changing fortunes of an economy. Prior to 1842, the Chinese economy was under the dominance of British troops and post 1842, intellectuals and politicians strove to change China’s position in the world economy and project it as a wealthy and powerful nation. China was guided by the mission of overtaking the West and amending its...

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