Please write an executive memo (analytical summary) about 600 words double spaced based on the following two articles relating to the theme: Understanding China. (Guanxi realationship) Short report format with headings.

It is important to recognize that summary or synopsis is insufficient. What you have to do is to analyze the text that I select. You may establish an analytical framework which ties back to the course content. You may wish to draw on the other articles or research that will help you compare and contrast with the article under consideration.

Beyond analysis the teacher is looking for synthesis. At this point you need to be asking “so what”, that is to say what are the broader implications of your analysis. How do they apply, where do they apply? When do they apply, when do they not apply? Do the China examples you’ve identified apply elsewhere?

You can also pick from your own resource

Here are two articles from the
- Face Value: The king of guanxi
- A survey of China - Tangled Web

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As per Hofstede (2013), the Chinese culture is a collectivist culture in which people tend to work with close relatives and friends first rather than working with complete strangers. The focus is on Guanxi in which relationships are the driving forces behind professional relations too. As stated in the Economist (2000), China is an economy which is driven by the strength of the relationships of the contracting parties...

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