Reality Television for Entrepreneurs

Shark Tank is a reality television series which features a panel of five wealthy entrepreneurs who are called "sharks". The panel evaluates and negotiates investment proposals from new entrepreneurs.

Each panel member has the option of negotiating and investing with an entrepreneur who has presented a product, service or business concept. Panel members may offer investment capital, support and expertise, or they may make an offer to buy the company, or the product license or patent.

For each contestant and product please write a detailed analysis;
In this analysis include your thoughts on how the contestant pitched their idea. What could of they have done differently?
Do you agree with the “sharks” thoughts about each business?
Which business would of you chosen and what would you offer?

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Debbie was the first contestant and her company was Fairy Tale Wishes. She sought $35,000 for giving 33% stake in the company to the Sharks. The company has been engaged in the manufacture of a line of aromatherapy sprays for kids that can be used to decrease their fears and anxieties. It was marketed as ‘magical’ sprays so as to appeal to the kids. The bottles were provided with glitter, mini fairytale and scent. There were several types of scents which were available such as lavender, etc so that the kids could experience different aromas. The idea was presented in a very creative and innovative manner. Debbie had created the replica of the kid’s bedroom to communicate that the product was targeted to the kids. A monster was shown who disappeared when the spray was sprinkled on the monster. This was intended to appeal to the safety needs of the kids. The scents were also nice and appealing as was stated by the Sharks. However the financials of the company were not strong and it had been experiencing declining sales and decrease in shelf space in the stores. These were the drawbacks which Debbie should not have told the sharks....

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