You work in a very prestigious office and are one of the top employees. The boss has told you repeatedly that without you "we'll be out of business".

You are also a good parent, (of course!), and assist your children in their school projects. Your daughter calls you at work after school and tells you that she forgot (naturally) that she has a project due tomorrow.

Knowing upon won't have time to go to an office supply store to get the materials needed to complete the project, you go to the office supply cabinet when the office manger is away from her desk and quickly grab what you need. You put in in a bag, take it home, and help your daughter complete the project.

A. What are the ethics of your actions?
B. Have you committed a crime? Why or why not?

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A. There is an ethical violation here since the employee has actually stolen the goods from the company. The company had hired the employee so that the employee can perform in a manner which would increase the value of the company and help the company to attain its vision. The employee knows of its worth and the fact that he/she is an indispensable part of the organization. The boss said that...

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