Please follow these instructions below for your Analysis Essay

1. Please visit Entrepreneur web page and find franchise rankings
2. This is the top 500 2013 Franchises
3. Pick any franchise (under $1.5 million) and be prepared to write a detailed analysis of this company
4. Your paper should be a minimum of three pages.

In your essay please include the following plus any other relevant information:

• Why did you pick this particular franchise?
• Does your research on this company support a positive outlook?
• Please include; Franchisor’s Background, Initial and Ongoing Costs, Restrictions, Terminations, Training, Advertising, Current and Former Franchisees and Earnings Information

Readings: Federal Trade Commission- Bureau of Consumer Protection (Business Section); Buying a Franchise: A Consumer Guide

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The franchise selected is Anytime Fitness clubs. As per IHRSA (2013), a million people have been joining health clubs every year that has led to the membership base of 41.3 million people across the world. As there is an increasing tendency of people to adopt an active lifestyle, they are increasingly joining health clubs and looking for flexible options. The sedentary lifestyle of professionals has led to an increase in obesity and a range of health diseases. Therefore, people are willing to spend money to stay fit so that they can save on the increasing medical bills...
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