Affirmative Action is one of he most discussed Labor laws. Parties on both sides of Affirmative Action have been arguing its merits for close to 50 years. Reverse discrimination grew out of Affirmative Action, attempting to protect qualified white Americans (mostly male) from losing jobs to less qualified applicants/employees.

A. What is the ethical argument supporting Affirmative Action?

B. What is the ethical argument against Affirmative Action?

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A. Affirmative action refers to the specific actions which are taken by the employer so that they can minimize the impact of past effects of discrimination. Employees constitute to be an important stakeholder group of the company and if the actions of the company interfere with their interests, it is the ethical responsibility of the company to compensate for the same by taking corrective action. Affirmative action indicates that the company had realized its mistake of favoring some segments of the...

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