Create a Business / Legal strategy for your company. While every company may want to make money, employ people, and provide a quality good or service, what are your ethical considerations / guidelines that you will follow in how you conduct business?
Areas that you may want to consider are, but not limited to:
1. relations with your employees
2. relations with your suppliers / retailers - how you do business
3. how you market your company
4. how you handle customer concerns
5. how will you handle disputes with employees, supplier, retailers, and customers.
Create a document, no longer than 7 pages (5 pages minimum), double-spaced, outlining the ethics of your company. You may site examples to clarify a position.

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This report deals with the analysis of the ethical and business strategies of a small company which is engaged in the business of providing financial services and advice to the clients. The company is located in New York and caters to the US investors only. It provides portfolio management advice to clients on a customized basis and its portfolio managers try to meet the return objectives of the investors while adhering to the risk and other constraints. Its revenue comes from the commissions which it earns on executing trades of customers (brokerage), fees earned through research reports (which provide investment recommendation) and the fees paid by the investors for managing their investment portfolios. It has clearly outlined its ethical policies and practices so that the interests of the stakeholders are maximized.
Relation with the Employees
The company recognizes the need of talented employees. There are several situations of conflicts of interests in financial companies and as such, the company has maintained a balance between the levels of empowerment to be given to the employees for executing trades. There are strict policies of the company with respect to insider trading. The company has been hiring competent financial professionals who have vast experience in the field of finance so that they can use their acumen to make the portfolio decisions for the investors. However, the employees are strictly prohibited to use their connections in order to gain insider information about any company and make trades on the basis of that information. If the employee is found guilty of such practices, he/she is fired and is also reported to the legal authorities (Venzin, 2009).
The company realizes the principle that happy employees are productive employees and as such, it ensures...

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