Company: Johnson & Johnson
Conduct a CSR audit. First examine the company’s governance structure and how its board, shareholders, top management, and employees hold each other accountable. What governance tools does the company have? Does it have a code of conduct? A values statement? How do these relate to its mission? What reports does it generate? In what corporate wrongdoing has firm been involved? What criticisms of the firm’s responsibility to society can you find? How has it erred in the past? Then apply Porter and Kramer’s article, “Strategy and Society,” to the firm’s CSR initiatives. You should provide a brief overview of what some of its CSR initiatives are, and then focus on one major effort that is international in scope and that illustrates Porter and Kramer’s thesis, that corporations and society can be mutually beneficial and not antagonists. The authors give as an example Nestlé’s network of dairy farms in India.
Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility
You should write up your analysis of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility efforts. Your analysis should present an argument, taking a position on whether the company has demonstrated strong or weak responsibility to its various stakeholders, as well as society in general, and whether the initiative on which your focused exemplifies the kind of synergy between business and society that Porter and Kramer advocate.
Your essay should demonstrate critical thinking, giving both positive and negative accounts of the firm you are examining. It should also show a detailed understanding of the article by Porter and Kramer: what the authors see as the deficiencies of traditional arguments in favor of CSR; what they mean by value proposition and value chain; and how their model maps a company’s CSR efforts onto its value chain through inside-out and outside-in linkages. You should apply at least four course readings (including the Porter and Kramer) and at least four additional sources related to your firm. Follow APA format and citation guidelines. Scope: 5 pages (1400 words), double spaced, 12-point font.

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This report is based on the analysis of corporate governance practices and the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibilities by Johnson & Johnson. The company was founded in 1886 and is headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey. It is involved in the research and development, production and marketing of health care products all over the world. Its operations are made of three major divisions of consumer products, pharmaceuticals & medical devices and diagnostics. Some of its popular brands include Neutrogena, Band Aid, Neosporin, Listerine, Tylenol, etc. (Yahoo Finance, 2013). The company has been committed to adherence to highest ethical standards and it has taken several initiatives to develop a sound governance structure and contribute to the maximization of wealth of all the stakeholders.
Corporate Governance Structure at Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson has been committed to assist millions of people all over the world in having a healthy lifestyle. It recognizes its responsibility towards investors and has transparent accounting and financial reporting structures. It seeks to provide financial information in a timely, accurate and objective manner and accordingly, it has established several control systems. It has a well-designed system of internal accounting controls which helps to ensure that there is no data manipulation. The internal controls focus on self-assessment and ensure that the assets...

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