Ethics Case Study - Select a product or service currently being marketed in print or broadcast (radio/television) media, that you find unethical or disturbing in some way (cigarette or alcohol advertisements, commercials aimed at children, political “slur” campaigns, etc.). Please be sure that you choose an advertisement.
Discuss in depth the following:
What do you think are the ethical implications of the product or service’s introduction into the market place?
What you would do (or change) if you were the marketing manager in the charge of that offering?
Whether you think the product should be marketed or not?
Was the choice of media selected for the advertisement a proper placement decision?

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This report focuses on the marketing strategies used by McDonald’s Corporation. The fast food chain was founded in 1940 and since then, it has become a global fast food chain which offers delicious meals to consumers at low prices. The company has been using the strategies of low cost to differentiate itself from its competitors and its advertisements seek to influence the taste desires of the consumers. However, there is an important element which the restaurant has been missing out and that is the health of the individual. Consumption of fast food such as fries and burgers leads to obesity problems and this has been a rising concern in several regions, particularly the developed markets. In the following sections, the print marketing strategies of the company have been analyzed and scope for improvement has been identified.
Ethical implications of the fast food offerings of McDonald’s
McDonald’s is one of the top brands in the world and its advertisements have been very effective in drawing the attention of the consumer. It has been using a series of channels to advertise its offerings and connect with its target market, especially children. The print advertisement strategies have been focused here. Since it deals in food items, one of the primary ethical responsibilities of the restaurant is to look for the long term health benefits of the customers. It should try to ensure that the consumers who consumer its food on a consistent...

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