Read Case (Cocono Phillips) and answer these questions:

What are the needs of Conoco regarding Knowledge Management?
What are the key messages of Conoco Phillips Case?
Describe your perception of Conoco knowledge management approch? what are key success factors?
what are the various activities to ensure the execution of Conoco Knowledge management operations?
What are your lessons learned from the case?

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1. Conoco is a large energy company which has diverse operations in petroleum, natural gas and chemicals. Its competitive advantage stems from its technological expertise which is present in several areas such as management and exploration of reservoir, sulfur removal, etc. As its current workforce reaches the age to retire, it would be important to pass on the business acumen to the new employees so that they are able to understand the technology and deploy it also. This makes it important for the company to practice knowledge management so that the superior knowledge can be passed on from one generation to the other. Conoco has a large employee base and it has also grown by the acquisition of different companies over the past years. Therefore, it is important that the acquired companies are also able to integrate...

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