Read Case (FLUOR) and answer these questions:

How does Fluor organize and align their Knowledge Management approach and community?
What is Fluor's strategy for sustaining effective networks of excellence?
Describe your top 5 elements of Fluor's Knowledge management effort and why.
What are the Fluor's elements to enable its community to operate effectively?
What are your lessons learned from the case?

Videos: Fluor100 and Dalian 2011 - David Seaton (Fluor Corporation)

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1. Fluor Corporation is considered to be one of the largest companies providing engineering, procurement, and construction and maintenance services. It is directed by the aim of implementing capital projects within the specified time, cost and operational excellence parameters. It has been using technology to enable communication and interactions amongst its employees all over the world. It has developed communities of practice (CoP) in which the globally diversified employees are able to share their knowledge with each other in a secure environment and learn from each other’s experiences. It has constructed a strategic portfolio of communities in the areas of engineering, construction, maintenance, marketing and their lines of business such as Government, life sciences, infrastructure and Government. The interactions have been aided with the use of the technology of Knowledge Online that facilitates the attainment of organizational knowledge management...

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