Find one article published no earlier than 9 months prior to 2/01/2014, that covers a hardware, software, operating systems, telecommunications or networking advancement (or issue), affecting the current or future state of the industry. The article should address a technology and its utilization in an organization. It article should be taken from a research journal (one that has references at the end of the article), and not popular literature/journals or a newspaper style publication.

Based on the article, prepare an Information Paper that covers:
➢ Section 1: Executive Summary. Provide an executive summary of the article. Avoid making it a term paper introduction and personal opinion. Just provide a factual, executive summary of the article’s contents for a non-technical reader. (½ to 1 page)
➢ Section 2: Analysis & Critique. Address the article’s value and validity – how it makes its points and how well it supports them. At a minimum, your analysis and critique of the article (1 to 2 pages) should include:
• How well the technology was articulated in the article.
• How well the article was organized and presented.
• What assumptions were made about the reader’s level of knowledge and content (taking into account the article source and intended audience).
• Article quality, consistency & bias.
• What you think about it and how well it was presented.
• Your opinion about the topic (support your opinion with facts from the article or other reliable sources).
• What you learned vs. what you expected from the article and why there was a difference.
• What industries could be affected & how.
• You should use facts and examples to support your analysis/critique.

The paper should be 3 pages in length, typed, SINGLE-SPACE (be clear and concise). It should be organized and clearly marked in the two sections indicated above. A copy of the article must be included with the paper.

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Executive Summary
This paper is based on the article ‘Technology and its impacts on the Textile Industry’. The focus of this article has been limited to the Indian textile industry only. The textile industry is considered to be one of the oldest industries in India that has been providing direct employment to millions of its population. India has also been exporting yarn and the value of the exports has been increasing significantly. Technology can play a key role in increasing the productivity of the processes involved in the production of various types of textiles....

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