What are the causes of the civil war in Democratic Republic of Congo? How Rwanda's genocide affected the civil war DR. What was the UN's role in the civil war in the DR. In the Conclusion is the DR today? Put number of casualties due to civil war and rape cases.
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The history of DR Congo has been characterized by civil warstogether with corruption. Immediately after its independence in 1960, it witnessed an army mutiny and the mineral rick province of Katanga had attempted secession. Since then, there have been numerous rebellion wars and severe unrest in the area. The factors which have led to the war can be explained using the predictive power of the Collier and Hoeffler (2002) grievance andgreed-based model. In the case of Congo, this model can be applied to identify the causes of rebels.Firstly, the growth rate of income as well as the level of income had a major impact on the occurrence of conflict. This was due to the fact that the costs associated with organizing rebellions were reduced and it was also impacted to a less extent by the reduction of the ability...

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