Write a short report. It needs to include:
- Introduction
- SWOT analysis (3 strengths, 3 weaknesses, 3 opportunities, and 3 threats)
- Competitive Analysis
- Recommendations
This should be 3 pages in length.

The company is Tommy Bahama, it is a Seattle company. Please focus on the resources related to Seattle areas.

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This report is based on the analysis of the global brand Tommy Bahama. It is headquartered in Seattle since 1992 and is wholly owned by Oxford Industries Inc. since 2003. Its distinguishing aspect has been its island-inspired approach which has been providing sophisticated style in sportswear, swimwear, accessories and footwear for males and females along with home décor solutions. It ships its products to over 100 countries and its stores are located in various countries such as US, Canada, Japan, Singapore, etc. (Tommy Bahama, 2014)


The first strength of the company has been its brand image. It is known as the island inspired brand since its foundation...

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