Read Case (MITRE) and watch the video MITRE: The People Perspective

Rather than asnwering specific questions, could we do the following for this case:

1. Articulate the business evnironments and key issues the case is trying to address.

2. Provide your analysis of the case regarding approaches, results, and causes that lead to the outcomes.

3. If your were Mitre, what will you do differently? Please pick two areas of interest to discuss.

4. What are your lessons learned?

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1. This case is related to Mitre which is an independent and not-for-profit organization that is engaged in providing technical and scientific activities for several types of government organizations. Thus this is a service oriented organization whose main resource is its human resource base as there is no production involved as such. The key issues confronting the organization are the ability to attract and retain a talented workforce who does not work only for money as this is a non-profit organization. Another issue is to enable communication and integration...

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