1: What do you think are the economic benefits of liberalizing the EU energy market? Who stands to gain the most from liberalization?

2: What are the implications of liberalization for energy producers in the EU? How will the environment they face change post liberalization? What actions will they have to take?

3: Why is the de-integration of large energy companies seen as an important part of any attempt to liberalize the EU energy market?

4: Why do you think progress towards the liberalization of the EU energy market has been slow so far?

1: How does an intermediary like MD International create value for the manufacturers who use it to sell medical equipment in foreign markets? Why do they want to use MD International rather than export directly themselves?

2: How does an intermediary like MD International create value for the manufacturers who use it to sell medical equipment in foreign markets? Why do they want to use MD International rather than export directly themselves?

3: What would it take for MD International to start exporting to other regions such as Asia or Europe? Given this, would you advise Al Merritt to continue his regional focus going forward, or to add other regions?

4: How important has government assistance been to MD International? Do you think helping firms like MD International represents good use of taxpayer money?

1: What is meant by the term Foreign Direct Investment? Describe the difference between the flow of foreign direct investment and the stock of foreign direct investment.

​2: ​Describe the concept of regional economic integration. Do you believe that regional economic integration is a good thing? Explain your answer.

​3: Please briefly explain the following forms of economic integration: free trade area, customs union, common market, economic union, and full political union. Provide an example of each form of economic integration.

4: What are the functions of the foreign exchange market? Would international commerce be possible without its existence?

5: ​What is the difference between a free floating exchange rate and a managed or dirty float system?

6: Describe the three broad types of financial crises that have occurred over the past 25 years and have required IMF involvement.

7: What are strategic alliances? Are strategic alliances on the rise or decline?

8: What is meant by the term, "first-mover advantage?" Describe several first-mover advantages.

9: What are the six different ways for a firm to enter a foreign market? Provide a brief description of each of these foreign market entry strategies.

10: Describe the mechanisms for financing export and imports. Do you believe that the complexity of export financing deters small firms from becoming involved in exporting? Explain your answer.

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1. Liberalization of the EU energy market would lead to increased competition and lower costs for the consumers. This is because the increased competitiveness would force producers to operate at the optimal scale of efficiency. Consumers would benefit from this since they would be paying lower prices and would also get access to larger and secured energy output.
2. The implications are that the markets of the 27 member states would be replaced by a single continent-wide market for gas and electricity. The bigger energy groups would be able to acquire the smaller groups. The environment would become more competitive as there would be increase in mergers and acquisitions. The actions would be lobbying to protect themselves through Governmental regulations.
3. Currently, many large energy companies such as Electricite de France enjoy monopoly power. The de-integration would make the markets fairer since smaller players would also be able to enter and compete in the market. This would increase competition and would lead to optimal allocation of resources also through...

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