Leader Interview: You are responsible for designing and implementing one interview with an individual in a leadership role. The results of your interview will be reported in a single briefing posting of not longer than 850 words following the format used in the initial assignment. You will offer a synthesis analysis integrating the information obtained from the interviews and drawing a set of conclusions based upon that information.
There are three chooses that you can chose one to interview.
1. Barney Pressman, CEO of Barneys New York (Email interview)
2. Oliver Bolitho, Vice President of Goldman sachs asset management in the asia-pacific region (Email and Skype interview)
3. Chunfeng Wang, President of Bohai Securities Co.,Ltd (Phone interview)

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I interviewed Mr. Oliver Bolitho, the Chairman of the Goldman Sachs Asset management division in the Asia-Pacific region. I first asked him about the business prospects and he said that Asia-Pacific region is the fastest growing region since the developing economies of China and India are on a fast growing track. As the disposable incomes of the consumers in these regions have been increasing, their demand for asset management services has been increasing so that they can generate profitable returns on their investments.

He had been associated...

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