For all the emerging knowledge management approaches, please provide your perspectives for the following areas:

1. what are the tools of these approaches impacting your business the most and why?

2. How do these approaches how we operate regarding interactions, information, services?

3. What is digital hub? How could we make it work?

4. What are the challenges of these approaches and how do we address the change management with these new approaches?

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1. There are several tools which can be used for implementing knowledge management strategies. Some of them are micro-messaging, Enterprise 2.0 and Google Wave. All these tools can have a significant impact on businesses since they can assist in achieving the required levels of coordination and integration amongst employees in the global environment. Businesses are globalizing on an increasing basis and they are spreading their operations across different nations due to which they are hiring employees from all over the world. These employees possess a wide range of experience and they can achieve collective development of knowledge base if they can share this...

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