Research Paper Topic: E-mail Privacy

The research paper will examine a corporate issue related to technology use, looking at all aspects of the problem. A summary of the issue and related concerns is required, from the corporate management perspective. Then you must examine how you think the issue needs to be addressed from the corporate perspective and why. Most important in this analysis will be the support for the recommendation(s) you make.

The paper will be organized into four (4) parts:
(1) an executive summary (maximum 1 page);
(2) a descriptive summary of the issue;
(3) descriptions of the related concerns revolving around the issue, and
(4) your analysis and recommendation(s) on how to handle the issue. The paper should be 4 to 5 pages, typed & single-spaced.

At a minimum, grading will be based on: thoroughness and depth of issue identification (what the problem is and why it is a problem), related concern(s) (identification and reasoning), clarity and logical presentation, grammar, and clear, articulate, organized university-level writing, quality of analysis, support of your recommendation, footnotes or endnotes, paper structure & organization, and depth and quality (type) of references (minimum 12 resourced references). Avoid using “popular literature” (newspapers, news-stand journals, Wikipedia, blogs, online news sources, corporate sites, etc.)

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This material may consist of step-by-step explanations on how to solve a problem or examples of proper writing, including the use of citations, references, bibliographies, and formatting. This material is made available for the sole purpose of studying and learning - misuse is strictly forbidden.

Executive Summary

Emails have emerged as the most used and preferred mode of communication across and within organizations due to the ease and convenience associated with it. Its use has been further fueled by its eco-friendliness since it eliminates the need of paper to exchange messages and assists in environment preservation. However, this technology also presents its own set of challenges in the form of privacy concerns. There has been widespread growth of unwanted spam mail and there is the risk of hackers which creates problems such as fraud, wastage of resources, cost shifting along with the risk that legitimate mails may be ignored.

The use of techniques of pharming, phishing, etc. can compromise the security of emails since the hackers can use fake sites to access the emails and passwords and break into the system. The hackers can do this for personal benefit so that they can sell the confidential information to third parties and they can make lots of money through this unethical and illegal sale. The long term sustainability of the organization is also compromised due to such risks. Opening any email from an unknown sender can also create issues since some emails may have virus as part of the message. As the email is opened, the virus spreads into the system of the employee and entire network. This can stop the operations of the organization also and hamper the effective functioning of the network. Spam and unsolicited email leads to information overload and can hamper the productivity of the employees also.

The best practices in the organization should be developed and must be redefined consistently to protect the email system. It is suggested that the encryption functionality should be implemented which should be derived from the needs and regulations of the business and the industry requirements. It is important for organizations to monitor the access to the work-related email system to identify the threats. The work email should be kept separate from personal mail and the employees should be mandated to avoid the use of work email for personal purposes....
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