Task asks you to carefully read the article “Why Wearable Tech Will Be as Big as the Smartphone”, and conduct your own research about wearable technology. And then write an analysis report addressing the following main issues:
a. In the article, the author argues that “Bluedouche principle” and “Trucker Hat principle” present two challenges for the growth of wearable technology. Do you agree with him or not? Why or why not? What challenges do you see the wearable technology faces?
b. What factors do you think would critically contribute to the growth of wearable technology? Which industries/markets are well suited for applying wearable technology?
Overall, do you think wearable technology will be as significant as smart phone? Why or why not?
c. Suppose you are an entrepreneur, briefly describe a business idea that utilizes wearable technology to provide new kinds of products/services.
Save your completed report as a Word document of 4 pages, using font size 12 and single line spacing.

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a. Wearable technology is a new form of innovation in the technological world that is expected to transform the ways in which people have been accessing technology. It represents evolution of a finer way to use technology which is more comfortable and convenient for the consumer. It is also expected to reduce the time needed by people to access the technology. However, the success of any major innovation is subjected to several challenges and the author correctly identifies them in the case of wearable technology also. These two challenges are Bluedouche principle and Trucker Hat principle.
As per the Bluedouche principle, wearing a technological device would also be sending social message to the people and this can hinder the growth and usage of wearable devices. The author cites the case of hindered growth of earpieces as wearing earpieces all day used to send a lame message to the society. Wearing these devices all day can end up in sending messages which the user does not want to send. For example, if a salesperson wears earpieces all day, it may give the impression that the person is too occupied in his or her work that he or she does not have time for personal enjoyment. It may also give the idea that the person is trying to show off and is acting lame. The similar concept is applicable with wearable technology also. If a person is wearing a particular device every time, that can also impact...

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