You have been assigned to conduct a market analysis of Ecuador and to produce a brief report (2-3 pages max, double spaced, not including cover page, any index, photos, graphs or annotated bibliography pages), explaining your findings.

You will need to conduct research on your assigned country and prepare an analysis of any factors that might be relevant in making a decision as to the viability or otherwise of doing business in your assigned country. To do this, you will need to search credible sources for relevant information relating to your assigned country, including but not limited to factors such as:
• geographic location, capital cities, climate, population,
• GDP, heads of state, brief details of political and economic systems,
• main products, businesses,
• main trading partners, main business or industry groups,
• language, ethnic origins, religion, culture.

Your report should include your explanation of which of the factors you considered in your research and show the analysis you conducted. Your research should target relevant factors from the perspective of an international business person. For instance, if you are looking at the culture in your assigned country, you should consider researching both the culture of the people in the country as well as local business cultural practices and advise on how this might impact any plans for doing business there.

Using the research you have found, your report should then outline the pros and cons of doing business in your assigned country. Remember that you must use APA format for citing any sources used. You should have at least 3, academically credible, sources for this assignment.

Your memo should also include an Annotated Bibliography of the sources you used; this is a summary and/or evaluation of each of your sources, summarizing the main arguments, the point of the article, why you chose the source and or what topics were covered. Your annotations for each source used should be no more than a short paragraph in length.

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This report is focused on the analysis of the economy of Ecuador from a business perspective. Its geographical, economic, trade patterns and demographic factors have been analyzed to determine whether the economy presents viable opportunities for growth and investment to the international business investor.
Facts about Ecuador
The economy of Ecuador is located strategically and is well connected with Latin American economies, western coast of United States and eastern Asia. It is located in the north east side of South America on...

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