Eichmann in the Organization:

In his article, Eichmann in the Organization, Jerry Harvey discusses many organizational and human concepts and dilemmas. What is he talking about in this article? Please explain who/what Adolf Eichmann represents in the article. Who are the Danes? What did they do? How does Harvey’s work relate to Milgram’s, and if it does, how? Overall, explain the concept of organizational and human good and evil based on the ideas of this article and Milgram’s book, Obedience to Authority.

Organization Out of the Crisis:

Are American organizations in crisis today? Explain your reasoning.

How would you get the modern American organization out of crisis (if one is in it) using the work of W. Edwards Deming? Explain Deming’s organizational theory. What practical advice could you offer to the CEO of a Fortune 500 corporation based on Deming’s ideas?

What are your thoughts on Deming, organizations, crisis, and leadership?

Where do you see Eichmann, Organization in Crisis, and Obedience to Authority in the 21st century? Do you think these concepts are still valid (or not), and if so, where, and how? What are your views on these subjects?

- Eichmann in the Organization article
- Obedience to Authority book

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Answer 1:
In his article, Harvey talks about the fact that when people work in organizations, they face the dilemma as to whether they should obey the superiors and engage in unethical conduct or should they disobey the superiors and stay on the ethical path. They have a need for acceptance and they also have their own values which may conflict with the organizational strategies. In the article, he also cites the example of Ted who was asked to...

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