A: The Dangers of a Strong Culture
Respond to the following in a paper of 250 to 500 words.
- An organization's managers often attempt to influence employee attitudes and behaviors by building a particular kind of culture. This can be a negative development if managers create values and norms that ultimately cause employees to behave in unethical ways. If a culture becomes too strong, its members may begin to act unethically and without regard to their effects of their actions on others. In your paper, think about the ethical issues involved in building organizational culture and address the following:
a. Under what conditions might values and norms become so strong that they cause employees to act in unethical ways?
b. How could differences in national culture lead to unethical behavior in a global organization?

B: Power and Influence at Work
Respond to the following in a paper of 250 to 500 words (1 to 2 pages).
- Influencing and persuading are central parts of a leader's job. Leaders routinely attempt to influence employees to perform at a high level. Leadership can have a dark side, however. Address the following questions in your paper:
a. What kinds of actions by a leader would you regard as being clearly unethical in an attempt to influence employees?
b. Do you think some kinds of leadership approaches are more ethical than others?
c. At what point does transformational leadership become unethical in an organizational setting?

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Organizational culture has a significant value on the behavior of the employees. The values and norms define what type of goals should the employees pursue and the method they should use to attain those goals. They are the guiding forces behind the actions of the employees. Peer pressure can force the employees to follow those values and norms as they define the general way in which activities are...

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